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Hope Sign plan and design standards
Hope, BC | Community Signage Project + Plan

After completing Phases 1 + 2 of the Community Brand for Hope BC, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be the creative lead and produce a large-scale series of interpretive and community signage. From these designs, an over-arching Community Signage Plan & Standards was developed, and these guidelines have been adopted by the District of Hope. [caption id="attachment_1001" align="alignnone" width="300"] Download the signage plan and design standards (6.6 MB)[/caption]...

Vitae Health and Sport wall
Vitae Health & Sport

Vitae Health & Sport is a new clinic in North Vancouver that houses several different kinds of health practitioners under one roof - providing a holistic approach to body care. It's been fun to be with them on their journey over the past couple of years, and to watch them move from an idea, to action, and to a fully fledged successful clinic. This brand was a delight to design, and the owners were equally delightful to work with!...

Statlu logo
Statlu Environmental Consulting

This could be one of my favourite logo designs. The owners of Statlu Environmental Consulting are passionate about the outdoors, and when they're not working in the mountain environment, they're playing in it. They choose to name their company after one of their favourite mountains...

CLCCF responsive web design
Cascade Lower Canyon Community Forest

CLCCF's mandate is to give a portion of the proceeds of the managed forest back to the communities in the Hope/Fraser Canyon area. This project involved identity development, followed by a new website the following year. One of the primary goals of the new site was to become more transparent, and offer an attractive and user-friendly interface by which stakeholders can stay informed and engaged....

Axis Mountain Technical

This could be one of my personal favourites. It's strong, clean, and suggests forward momentum. The company's tagline is, "We move tough projects forward". In a mainly male-driven industry, this logo was intended to resonate with contractors and companies in the rugged northern BC resource industry....

canadian power adventures
Canadian Powder Adventures

Outdoor adventures in the snow - one of my favourite things! Designing this lifestyle logo came naturally, because I believe I'm their target market. The brand is meant to invoke the nostalgic feel of a craft brewery...

Logo contact sheet

Branding and logo design - especially for new up-and-coming businesses - are among my favourite design activities. In fact, I've found myself sprinting straight to computer in the morning with a fresh design concept. Dorky, I know. So here are some of my favourites that I've created over the past couple of years. Enjoy....

District of Mackenzie responsive web design
District of Mackenzie, Community Branding

There is nothing more satisfying as a branding professional, than to help draw out what makes a place so special to its inhabitants, and bring it to life. It was my privilege to help craft Mackenzie's brand story in a way that inspires pride from it's residents, but also makes it compelling from a marketing standpoint. This project was broken up into two phases, and mostly focused on engaging the community and developing their brand, as well as developing communication materials and website. This website was one of the more complex ones Boldfish has undertaken. A district of this size needs its site to serve as the tourism portal, the economic development portal, as well as a go-to for local residents to learn about District services and policies. So much to do for one site! [caption id="attachment_995" align="alignnone" width="300"] Download the Brand Book...

right turn events logo
Right Turn Events

As an event transportation logistics company, these guys are boots-on-the-ground kind of people. Literally. I've had the pleasure of being those boots for them years ago at a music festival, and had a unique perspective of their company ethos. That made it a little easier to nail their brand out of the gate. This was a very fun logo to create....

Hope British Columbia logo
Hope, BC branding

Branding a community is tricky business. Most people are pretty passionate about where they live - so naturally, they are sensitive to how it is presented to the outside world. Branding the community of Hope was one of the more rewarding endeavours I have undertaken as a marketing + design professional. It was a lengthy process with several stages. All told, over 350 Hope residents and businesses contributed to forming the brand story through a community survey, focused stakeholder meetings, and one-on-one interviews. Once the words behind the brand were crafted and well articulated, the visual identity was created - including a family of logos, a brand book, photographic and design guidelines, an image bank, stationery, web graphics, trade show banners, and outdoor signage. Working with so many engaged people was an inspiring experience, and it's exciting to watch the brand grow....