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At long last…

It’s been a few years in the making, but I finally took the time to build my new website. And like any builder with an unfinished house can tell you, I’m a bit embarrassed it took so long. Self shaming out of the way, let’s get down to business…

Besides a refresh, the truly new thing about this site is that I have added a blog section that will focus on design tips for NON DESIGNERS. This is directed to anyone who has – or will have – a need for graphic design services. Given that I often work with clients that are small or medium sized organizations, education is something I inherently do with pretty much everyone. And for good reason. Unless you are a graphic or web designer, this stuff can be more confusing than you might think.

So this new blog is called “Ask the designer”, and it’s meant to be just that. A place where your questions are answered (or not… I don’t know everything!) and common issues are explored. So ask away. My responses will be as forthcoming as possible, with a splash of opinion and a twist of humour.

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