We are a marketing communications + graphic design studio that specializes in brand development, web design, and visual storytelling.

Boldfish Creative serves as the virtual storefront for freelance designer and marketer, Alison Harwood (that’s me). With most clients, I wear the hats of project manager, strategist, and lead designer. When larger projects require a larger team, Boldfish Creative swells to include other creative professionals including other designers, web programmers, and video production artists.

What does this mean for my client base? It means unparalleled focus, flexibility, and attention-to-detail in telling your company’s story. Which is a good thing…

owner profile: alison harwood

After graduating from Mount Allison University with Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), I gained much of my early marketing and communications experience in the tourism marketing sector.

Following my passion for creativity, I received my Graphic Design Certificate in 2011, earning two design awards for excellence along the way.

Over the last decade, I’ve been working under the banner of Boldfish Creative, where I combine my marketing know-how and creative talents to produce innovative and effective design and communications solutions for my clients.

Oh yes – and I love what I do!

design philosophy

My design philosophy is simple. Literally! I believe that the key to good design is to strip away the unnecessary clutter to produce a clean, clear, aesthetic message… your message.

I also believe that “good design is good business” as Thomas Watson of IBM famously said back in the 1950s. So true Thomas, so true.

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